Tuesday, March 30, 2010

man i'm super hungry and all i can think about is a fucking cheeseburger and fries. I guess i'm a plebian or a philistine or whatever, because when i'm really hungry thats my go-to food. Well, it's actually a philly cheese steak but i can't get a decent one this side of astoria. Sometimes i take the 40 min round trip just to enjoy the heart clogging goodness of a king's Deli cheese steak, but now i sound like Larry King.
So here's my thing- I'm so fucking sick of everyone turning everything towards healthcare. I'm sick of both sides. I'm sick of the lies all over. I'm sick of status quo and i'm irritated so many people wwere so hoodwinked into lining up against their best interests. When the republican's took a strong stand against their own ideas being included why didn't they fucking drop 'em?
Obama needs to grow a goatee and a pair of balls or he's next Jimmy Carter. Finally an accomplishment. Dubious to be sure, but an accomplishment.
it's hard to believe this nation was founded on a tax revolt, but I'd rather give my $ to the gov't then some fucking for profit insurance company that is, in and of itself, a death panel.
BTW- how many isolated incidents of tea bagger violence before they stop talking up guns all the time? Most of those people are too old or too unbalanced to ever be near a gun, let alone own one. Pistols should be universally illegal. Serve absolutely no practical purpose outside the hands of a cop
This week 8 million Americans cashed their final unemployment check. I'm thinking by this time next week we'll be homing in on some sort of Anarchy Day. Stock up on water & canned goods!

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