Thursday, April 1, 2010

REM End of the World as we know it. a good soundtrack for this McRant
here we go-
ANARCHY ANARCHY ANARCHY! its not just a trendy t-shirt anymore! Anyone look on the UEI benefits site lately? I have either nothing, 2 weeks or 6 weeks or possibly 20 weeks left. Someone wanna tell me how to unfuck that huge question mark? Thank christ i only have to buy medicine like 2x times before the drug laws kick in, should put some nice $ back in my pocket. Meanwhile i can't wait to go to the clinic in hempstead, w/ some guy sweating out the wait for methadone, for meds. Should be a real cool time.
I'm McFucked, McBroke, McSick and McPissed. Now, i wont be doing any craqzy stuff, because i got just me to worry about and i owe no real $, but theres plenty of people who bought houses they had no biz owning, lost $ and now live, well, who the fuck knows? I feel like a trend setter being as how divorce and illness had kicked my ass and i only got it together when the rest of you starting getting fired.
IF there really is a gap, then i foresee the same thing that happened last gap. People going on spree shootings, crashing small planes into Gov't buildings, taking it all out on police.
Meanwhile, on Hitler's B-day/ Kill a bunch of people for no reason in Oklahoma City/ Waco day theres a 4 MILLION GUN MARCH ON WASHINGTON??? Anyone realize that you can't carry there?? How many guns per person will be needed to get to 4 million? some of you dig guns, cool, your right. Theres no law for walking down the street spinning a butchers knife on a string, but it'll def land you in jail. Same thing when really angry people are in proximity of guns. These people want a literacy test for voting? i want a rohrshack test on wanna be gun owners.
And seriously, outside the hands of a cop theres no legitimate use for handguns.

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