Monday, July 26, 2010

jay silverheels

the other day it was a gazillion degrees here in NY & i sat around in a stoned turpure & watched AMC. Key Largo was on. I have clear and pleasant memories of watching it with my grandparents when they watched me as a kid. They had one of those old, slightly radioactive TV's.
Key Largo is not only a pretty damn good movie worthy of a remake, it has a stupendous cast. Bogey, bacall, drew barrymore's grandfather who played the evil cocksocker in "It's a Wonderful Life", setting the bar for all scurvy spider corporate movie bad guys to follow. In fact, as an aside, scum bag Mr Potter would've eaten Gordon Gecko for breakfast.
I remember how it was to sit in middle village in a cozy living room on a late summer afternoon, while we waited for the Mets game.
Part of the p;lot of Key Largo involved two Osceola Indians "in fancy shirts" who had got wild in town. When they showed up to make their surrender arrangements to drews grandfather, playing a mean spirited handicapped nice guy in this one. The second they appeared on the scene i cried aloud- "Jay Silverheels!" Tonto! Kemosobie's faithful pal. I seemed to feel a breeze. I could feel a presence. It wasn't my grandfather, but my godfather, Uncle Paul. He was giving me an at-a-boy. Seeing Jay had given me a rush and i felt the enormous personality, charisma and wit of my late Uncle for the first time since he left me. I love you Jay Silverheels, thanks.
I watch Indiana Jones al the time with MY godson, little jake,6, my sisters boy. I hope one day, many years from now after I'm gone, he will be home one afternoon and watch a movie and cry out "John Rhys-Davis!" or "Sean Connery!!" and feel me high five him form the other side

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