Thursday, November 11, 2010

this is the city of the dead

Pleas take a minute to see my pics of all the local cemeteries. It will help you understand what i walk past to do ANYTHING in Middl Village
It's like this - My town is dead. No, literally there are more dead people than living ones here in Middle Village. Should probably be called "Middle Earth" its so inaccessible. Just like Tolkiens fantasy land of the Shire, i live in a small comfortable house in a small "habitable zone" where we living humans reside. I know one of my best friends from childhood lives around the block, but this is basically Hobbiton and i sort of don't want to drop by & horrify him.
When my new neighbors INEVITABLY ask me if i'm Italian and i INEVITABLY fail to lie and tell them i'm not, they look at me like i have 2 months to live. I mean, to them, it's an incurable condition that makes it impossible to really enjoy the nonsense behavior i see at the Jersey Shore for the 30 & over crowd that still act like fucking idiots. Thats really not a blanket condemnation of being italian, just being Italian to a fault. At sleazy "Yer Man's Irish Pub" up the street from the gothic graveyard where they interred Gotti & lucky luciano (both ABOVE ground because they were convicted of so many crimes) it's the pure resin of the Jersey Shore folk. It's probably an inevitability that anyone who ends up there is looking for a dramatic night. I sort of laid off going there when the second drunk wife grabbed me and kissed me while her hubby was in the pissing room. It's already near a graveyard and somehow theres a half dug grave sitting around at all times within sight of the fence. Who would notice ME in there in a shallow grave on top of an actual grave. Talk about hiding something in plane sight! Still... being bored is worse so i will probably brave the cold air, put Black Sabbath on the old iPod and walk past the boneyard to the Irish Guido bar. Maybe tonight i'll spritz on some calogne and wear a black shirt half unbuttonedf like Burt Reynolds... oh, wait, i don't have the beatle boots top finish it off. Looks like Irish Lowlife look again for me. every time i go some beautiful girl sel validates by getting me all hot & bothered, usually aggressively drags me to 2nd base and then just splits. messed up, but the alternative is dull. who knows, maybe i'll meet a hot local who is somewhat less screwed up. def won't happen if i stay home, thats for sure

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