Thursday, March 11, 2010

ambien not a fun recreational drug

Right now i'm lucky enough to have some time to ween off my recent friend, ambien.
Ambien is a shitty friend. It doesn't really wear off when you wake up. it seems to build up and linger in you. you definitely will have a bad experience if you drink the night after taking it. I def had a psychotic break fro like 2 hours and my drinking that night was considerable, but not beyond what i'm used too. Went home and thought i was asleep. Wrote some pretty crazy e-mails that i only remember doing now, like 3 days later. I've sleep jogged when i've drank on it too, but @ least thats got some benefit. Even though i got hurt once, i would rather not remember exercising.
The bad taste in my mouth like a metal spoon makes me feel bat shit crazy and you can't swallow.n How do you sleep with a lump in your throat? You could choke to death just trying to drink a bottle of water to clear out the imaginary lump.
Lately i've been kind of bored and bummed out, so ive been taking while im awake as a hypnotic. Then i just spaced out to a continuos week long loop of watching Star Wars 2-6. 2 has grown on me. I just won't buy phantom menace because man imagine the sort of pills that would take to enjoy? likely fatal
Has ambien been a shitty friend to you??

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Wtf? Obama needs to grow a goatee & get mean. Same thing w/ Tiger Woods. Woods is a whining pussy who has a wife better then anything most of us would touch. Bastard threw so much $ at her shes now just a paid escort now (try explaining that to any woman). She's trading her services for cash. Only a couple words for that and they aren't complimentary. If she beat his ass why wasn't he tossed in jail?
i can't look at a picture of what a McCain Palin america wouldve been like, probably a lot worse. Pretty damn sad when your own wife thinks your political ideas are SO TERRIBLE she actively supports opposition views. Still, i think the Great But you gootta figure the recession would be worse, which isn't the same as saying it's getting better.
Bushbama has been a complete fucking disaster in a bunch of ways but like Batman there's always some dipshit villain doing something totally stupid to bail the guy out. ex- "You lie!"
I'm sorry, i thought that speech made no fucking sense yet this slap dick bails him out. If he shuts the fuck up instead of "loudmouth pissant congressman rude to our #1 Guy" it would've read " Our #1 guy made speech, nation baffled'.
he's just like Bush but boring instead of scary. It was so unbelievably hard to see the hope and change swallowed by talking points and a guy who was clearly doing a pretty bad job of 'on the job training"
if he doesn't get his ass in gear soon he's a Jimmy carter for sure.
I couldn't understand Bush because the man lied and was poorly spoken. I can't follow Obama enough to know if he's lying, he just loses me.... almost everytime. He's fucking boring.
That chunk of the health care bill needs to go through or he's a total failure

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