Monday, December 20, 2010

Jane Velez Mitchell declares "War On Women" with off-base Marginalization of Women in General

When HLN needed to replace the crazy-time they lost when Glen Beck moved to FOX News they tapped then respectable journalist Jane Velez Mitchell. The openly gay Irish-Puerto Rican American seemed like a nice departure from the poorly vetted conspiracy theories of Beck. Sadly, they were just trading one crazy philosophy for another.
Like the illustrious Mr Beck, JVM proceeds from a shred of inarguable commonly accepted societal phenomenon, in this case that women have often been treated badly and are still fighting some entrenched chauvinism. To say Jane Velez Mitchells extrapolations on this fact are far flung and and incredible would be charitable. Recently I have been watching a couple of segments a night of her show. As Nancy Grace ends her nightly "Dead White Chick" hour Velez Mitchell takes to the basic cable currents with all the restraint of George S Patton, semi shouting over that nights top story.
Usually JVM attempts to apply her crazed world view with template-like rigidity. When the wife of Mad Gunman Clay Duke, who was shot dead while shooting at the hostages he had taken at a Florida school board meeting, said he wasn't a monster, most people would consider the source and balk after making note of it. Militant Jane Velez Mitchell would not be among those people. Jane weaves what would seem to be an hysterical assertion made reflexively into a full blown battle in her "War on Women". The woman couldn't possibly be blamed, her husband was undeniably abusive with a hatred for women. This in spite of the fact he had allowed the women he had taken hostage to leave the room almost immediately and was actually acting in a misguided attempt to protest the firing of the wife who defended him later in the media. To most just misplaced loyalty by a shocked survivor. Not in Jane Velez Mitchells world at war.
The biggest aspect of the story she focused on was the woman who bravely took a swipe at the madmans gun hand with her purse. Laudable, brave and selfless would be the average reaction to this story.Jane Velez Mitchell is anything but average. In her world the woman was the only hero in the story. In fact, the off duty detective who charged in and gunned down Clay Duke was only able to save anyone because a hero woman had bought them precious time, presumably AFTER he overcame the fact that he was a man cursed to go through life with a penis. The actions of the heroic purse weilding female school board member should not be minimized, or in the case of Velez-Mitchells stunted reporting, marginalized. Forget the fact that the incident ended with the mad gunman trading shots with the reluctant hero, a retired male detective who later struggled with guilt over taking a life, even that of a wannabe spree killer.
The next item of business was a truly awful tale of a woman who was burned to death when her ill advised attempt to sell her baby went horribly awry. All i heard of the infant was that it was found naked on a doorstep related via a crawl at the bottom of the screen. The crawl, which comes across somewhat more humane then the perpetually rattled Velez Mitchell; did not provide any details of the infants health or if the child was even alive. A ghastly affair that is deeply disturbing to hear about. It's even more ghastly when JVM applies her "War on Women" template. Details squish out the sides of the mold like so much fresh play-dough.
Again, most people would ascribe the horror to a series of increasingly poor decisions on the part of the victim, who apparently was mixing with all the wrong people. Again Velez Mitchell would not be among those people. To her this is just another battle in the "War on Women". This unfortunate and seemingly unbalanced victim had surely been put in this position by Men. Surely, it started when a man impregnated her, probably against her will. Her Dad and the sperm donor/rapists Dad had clearly been poor role models, resulting in flawed individuals who locked the woman (and maybe their mothers) on a collision course with disaster.
One other item i have seen Velez Mitchell spin into the War on Women was the case of Major Nidal Hasan. Hasan is a coward and a scumbag who masqueraded as a patriot and a protector of life in his not so well regarded career as a US Army Doctor. Hasan was too much of a coward to deploy into the war which had been raging in Afghanistan since before he put his unworthy hand in the air and swore an oath to the Constitution.
Hasan apparently 'self radicalized' and went on a free-lance al Qaeda wanna be attack at Ft Hood Military Base in Texas, firing as many as 100 shots in a large room crowded with military personnel either deploying to or returning from combat assignments. Eyewitnesses all agree he was firing indiscriminately, trying to kill American Soldiers, regardless of their gender.
Velez Mitchell saw this as not so much part of a global ideological conflict aimed at killing American military personnel perpetuated by a brutish cowardly gunman but as part of a global coordinated "War on Women". There were only 3 people Velez Mitchell focused on out of dozens of victims and hero's involved. First, she focused on the male evil shooter who took the lives of some and the health of many more, the tragic death of a pregnant female soldier in the shooting spree, and the female security guard who was one of 2 people who fired at the blood thirsty bastard, eventually scoring a hit that paralyzed him and ended the massacre.
The second security guard, a man, was mentioned only in passing. Velez Mitchell incorrectly credited the female guard over and over as the undisputed shooter of the critical, paralyzing shot. The fact is that there is some doubt over who fired that shot and very little desire to make claim to it among the heroic responders. This team attitude is impossible to accept in the world of Velez Mitchell. Clearly the female team member was in the lead and probably helped the male officer overcome the fear every man has when entering into conflict with another man, who in this case was well armed, as opposed to the evil thrill all men must get beating on a defenseless woman. To me this is revisonist, advocacy journalism.
I am not blogging this to say women don't have legitimate obstacles to their success as opposed to men, or even to say that many women aren't victimized by men. My purpose is to simply say this; the crazy world of Jane Velez Mitchell and her War on Women marginalizes ALL women by dis-empowering them as masters of their own destinies in any way. To her Women are at War with men and society, a war of neccessity. A war that has gone on for ages uncounted.
The simple truth is that there is no war, women are in control of most of the things that they do in life, and sometimes simply make bad choices. In fact, to call what women confront every day as 'War" is a slap in the face to our soldiers, both female and male, who valiantly exchange fire with the scum of humanity every day deployed far from home in an earnest attempt to keep us safe. What women are confronted with, at least in contemporary America, is a world slowly evolving toward a more egalitarian scociety, or at least thats what most people would believe. Instead of women being at war, maybe its more accurate to say they are achieving tactile progress in a slow & steady equalization of the playing field. In fact, in this horrific economic environment women are doing slightly better than men in holding their jobs. This would be more worthy of an hour of TV time then crazed angry Uber-Bitch rants like those of Jane Velez Mitchell
Lastly, Jane's hair is on par with Nancy Grace's 'do'. In fact if you look at her long enough you almost begin to feel like her head is floating disembodied over her desk.
Jane Velez Mitchell is irresponsible, marginalizing and moralizing, advancing extremist conspiracy theories and spending an hour of TV time on the edge of utter, raging madness. Glen Beck would be proud.