Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the Battle Rages On! Jane Velez Mitchell is completely insane!

I curse the day that i put HLN on my 'favorite' channel list. Jane Velez Mitchell takes the idea of leveling the playing field between men & women to an all out assault. Tonight the War on Women raged on as she destroyed the men in the life of Casey Anthony, who clearly somehow caused the death of her 3 year old daughter even though only Casey has been charged. It was disgusting to see how she wove her War on Women into the fabric of a woman who most likely killed her daughter.
Mitchell started carping about a rather raunchy video produced by the sailors and some officers on the USS Enterprise. You would think you would cut them some slack for stuff like defending us from the fucking terrorists and risking their lives. In Jane Velez Mitchells insane world we would have won the Afghan and Iraq war if we weren't so involved in the War on Women. She opened and closed by insisting in extreme terms that the now Captain of the USS Enterprise MUST be fired. Forget the insult to future Enterprise Captain James T Kirk, this assertion is patently ridiculous. Allow the man to apologize, accept bawdy behavior by the crews on long deployments and move on. Sailors cursing like sailors? Well thats just unacceptable to maniacal Jane Velez Mitchell. Okay, pretend that the madwoman gets her way; how many people are qualified to run an airport sitting on a nuclear reactor in the middle of the ocean? Contrast this with another high profile military case, that of the Fort Hood Massacre suspect. Cowardly scum bag and possibly the only deserving Velez Mitchell whipping boy Major Nidal Hasan was a known bad doctor, bad soldier and held traitorous views that he just couldn't shut the fuck up about. There were endless attempts to rehabilitate Hasan because even a shitty doctor is desperately needed in our all volunteer military. Now we all know this is a mistake, but if we can't afford to dishonorably discharge an incompetent doctor can we really just dismiss a guy who is enormously competent? Sure, he has a lack of sensitivity, but in my mind so long as he wasn't bullying people he deserves a shot at redemption. It should be noted that Hasan was a rare male casualty in the war on women, cut down by a female guard who has repeatedly declined tyo take the credit for firing the crippling shot that paralyzed the bastard and ended the massacre. In fact, there's some debate over who fired the shot. The team spirit of the law enforcement officers and their humility bounced off Velez Mitchell the way a tennis ball would bounce off a brick wall.
I think it goes without saying that the long time spent away from family fighting in a war might make people want to make a tasteless video, where many crew members of both sexes participated. This seems like the sort of gag reel you may see at an office Christmas party but on steroids. It was tasteless, people need some sensitivity training, end of story. Well Jane says different. In fact she shouted down the attractive panelist who slightly deviated from the War on Women script. Sadly the officer has been dismissed, in part because of loudmouths like Velez Mitchell. I can only think that an effort to rehabilitate the man should have at least been attempted first. 'Nuff said about that story.
Since no strippers were murdered today it was time to dust off the disturbing story of Casey Anthony. Anthony, an undeniably attractive woman, may well have killed her daughter. Some recently discovered 'racy' home video's and still shots were being debated for admissibility as evidence. Jane decried the pictures after first dismissing them as utterly nonsensical and inconsequental. Of course, in true self contradictory bad taste she made sure we saw over every available picture over and over while her hideous head hovered next to the inset. A long montage of Casey Anthony acting like a drunken bimbo with a body that just won't quit looped in inset while Velez-Mitchell shifted the blame to Anthony's father, who had blogged that he was afraid that his daughter was a pretty bad mom, which is actually a piece of evidence that could see the light of day because lets face it, what person who knew Casey in a non biblical way knew the woman better than her own father?Mitchell seemed incensed by this, why hadn't this man turned his daughter over to child protective services based on his then unsubstantiated suspicions? Most likely because he was deeply involved in espionage to aid in the war on women. On Velez Mitchell's hypothetical battlefield no one wins but her when the ratings come out. A long psychotic rant followed where Velez Mitchell harshly criticized the male lawyer who is trying to keep his client from a date with Old Sparky. Mitchell started her round table discussion with panelists by making the rather obvious statement that no jury would ever see it and there was no point in arguing it. With the stage set thusly Jane then launched into a meaningless discussion of the meaningless evidence, which of course she made sure we all saw in the inset next to her seemingly disembodied head. Aside from the fact that Casey can pull off some really skimpy outfits with no problem we learned nothing. The next spoke in the wheel of this story, from Velez Mitchells point of view, was that Casey Borrowed a shovel from a neighbor while her daughter was missing. THIS would seem very meaningful evidence until you remember that the unfortunate child was found unburied. It becomes overwhelmingly obvious that Seinfield wasn't the only show about nothing in American TV history. Jane was highly sympathetic towards Casey and seemed to be merely trying to talk long enough to finish the montage of the previously condemned racy videos the world would never have seen. For once i wished i was on jury duty so i could be sequestered and spared viewing the pictures. Jane Velez Mitchell's show is nothing more than murder porn. I was especially sickened that the child, the victim, was only shown briefly at the end of the montage/rant. Its important to note there is no direct evidence has come to light yet. I wont deny that Casey Anthony seems to be involved in the murder, but having been in Florida several times over the development of this case I gained a local perspective as well. The people of Orlando are disgusted and angry and they have good reason. This means nothing to Velez Mitchell and her coven of terrified panelists. The real point was missed completely, that a child was dead and nothing will bring her back. Someone's dead forever, but Jane Velez Mitchell focuses in the gorgeous mom and her sleazy pics. She's inhuman.
As a New Yorker I hear these horror stories on a regular basis. When i worked as a teacher for the New York City Department of Education i was present at meeting where parents left in handcuffs when they couldn't explain why the kid was all bruised up. I have been in the trenches of the war on ignorance and cruelty and been an advocate for children. If Velez Mitchell ever saw the things i have seen she would have a shred of empathy for the victim (when its not a stripper). One is left to wonder how Jane would have approached the Lacey Peterson case if she was on the air at the time. Fortunately, the ill advised decision to put Velez Mitchell had not yet been made.
Casey Anthony is a beautiful woman with a killer body, possibly in more ways than one. This alone makes her cannon fodder for the perpetually demonic Velez Mitchell, a woman so full of shit she doesn't have the common decency to have a non hyphenated last name. In my opinion the Velez is in there because she wasn't going to go out in the world using only the last name of a man, which is beneath her, so she added in her mothers surname in their as well, cause hey, there's a war on. Don't be fooled into thinking itsd because she was married. Velez Mitchell hates men and would never marry oneWhile i sat in horror Jane put on a show that plumbs the depths of callousness. Jane Velez Mitchell is a monster. If Nancy Grace has one thing going for her its that she is not Jane Velez Mitchell and thats saying a LOT!
Now for my theory on the sad case of Kaylee Anthony. Casey is definitely a party animal, possibly a meth head. She NEVER should have had a child, or she should have had the courage to allow the child to be adopted by a loving family. Hell, someone did that for me. Lets face it, its commendable. Casey missed that opportunity and overestimated herself. All of this is obvious. Casey Anthony just doesn't look like a killer. The lack of direct evidence shows theres a chance she didn't kill her child. I personally think that one of Casey's druggie boyfriends likely figures into this. Hows that for the war on women? Its a disgusting but undeniable possibility that Casey was so addicted and addled by drugs and alcohol that she was hanging out with ALL the wrong people. A child molester could surely have been one of them. I'm basing this on something every cop will tell you is meaningful, Casey's reaction when they discovered Kaylee dead. All reports say that she was overwrought and in hysterics. Is it just possible Casey was depraved enough to pimp her child out for drugs? Thats a lot more insightful than anything that Jane Says. Jane Velez-Mitchell is a murder pornographer who disseminates hate and fear to line her pockets.

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