Monday, May 16, 2011

The Damnable Life & Deserved Death of Osama Bin Laden

It was a Sunday night when we got the news--The most despised and dangerous man in the world is dead. For a few hours jubilation and satisfaction filled the air. This was the first time since President George W Bush advocated for endless war that we had scored a victory or seen any kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Every network reported that Navy SEALs had shot and killed Osamam Bin Laden, a rich kid who thought himself above all law. This included the laws of his Holy Book, which he had twisted into a menagerie of hate speech and spectacular exceptions for those who die killing the right kind of strangers. It was a unifying moment and we agrred as Americans about two things. One thing all Americans do agree on right now is that Pakistan is like that friend in college who borrows money for beer, smokes your weed and then tries to fuck your girlfriend and disgusts her so much even you don't get laid that night. In other words, who needs them? The other thing we all agreed on? The other thing would be--'Man am I glad that murdering fuck is dead!" and we all hoped they used an NYPD officers gun to do it.
As the newscycle ground on the right wing Fox News (aka Fox Comedy News) began to depricate the achievement, which may end the shooting and culture wars they had so invested in. "Illegal" was the initial account by Gauleiter Shep Smith, clearly stepping away from his occasional acute doses of reality that sometimes distinguish him from the rest of his bloodthirsty right wing coven of liars and 3rd rate presidential portender's that populate his 'news outlet'.
Illegal? Is it not the aforementioned George W Bush who said we would make no distinction between the terrorists and those who harbor them? Weren't we supposed to 'smoke 'em out of their holes?" Why then, for at least their last 4 years of Mr Bush's tenure had this evil man been living in relative luxury 100's of miles from the dusty desert caves we had been wasting out time looking in? "Moving from place to place", "chained to a dialysis machine" and "protected by tribes in the remote border region" were just platitudes to keep us occupied as we allowed the government to 'wag the dog'.
The relief and triumph symbolized by the justifiable killing of this bloodthirsty madman leaves the right with little in the way of boogey men. Tarnishing or inventing lies and pretending that our Pakistani "allies' were somehow slighted by the current president giving meaning to the lies of George W Bush by killing a man so fucking dangerous and so completely evil that the last 10 years will undoubtedly be known as the "Post 9-11 Era" or something of that nature, is an impossible stretch for the hateful ideologues of Fox News and other hate speech outlets.
The idea that peace and disengagement are the next logical steps in the wars of George W Bush should be like the sweet champagne of Liberty to every American. Sadly to a small minority who are more loyal to extremist right wing philosophy than the Stars and Stripes or the Constitution it is the bitter wormwood of the rapture. Better the world should end then the failed policies of the right be seen for what they are is the apparent philosophy of the current American Right. They have not heard the chiming from History's Bell Tower signalling that the page has been turned and that 9-11 has been avenged (to a point, nothing can undo the evil we suffered that day).
The time has come. George W Bush and his lies have been sent to live in Texas where no one will be forced to listen to them. President Obama is never going to get the kind of credit he deserved for the ballsy move he initiated to kill a mad dog murderer who was still actively plotting to kill Americans. The right goes on with an overdose of anger and a hostile attitude towards facts that do not suit their purposes. This willful ignorance and anti-intellectual attitude is what will be their undoing

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