Monday, March 21, 2011

My Life with Kadaffy

Mohmar Kadaffy came to power the year i was born. I have never known a world without him. Now he seems slowly spiraling into the scrapheap of History.
An enigmatic man who would be comical if he weren't a mass murderer, Kadaffy is that most mercurial of all things; a made for TV Evil Dictator. A man so steeped in mystery no one can even agree how to spell his name (just look at the keyword tags on this blog post). I just like to use the "K" spelling because its more sinister and was in vogue when i was in high school and he was at the height of his international trouble making. Truly, here is a man who will not be missed. The future will judge this tin god harshly. Those who drove him from power will be judged on their own merits, but certainly eliminating him will be weighed in their favor.
Do we want another war? Of course not, but we are deeply involved in the Middle East and North Africa, or as Tea Baggers would refer to the entire region if they were in any way creative; "Evil-istan". Our situation with the Mad Libyan Colonel is best summed up by the words of George S Patton;"We're gonna have to fight the bastards one day, lets do it now while we have the men, weapons & machines here to do it now".
If not now, when? He's embarked on an attack against his own people which in his own words would be without mercy or pity which is clearly headed towards a massacre. This war is built on the Clintonian model from Bosnia. Plenty of air power very few boots on the ground. While its daunting to think that we are attacking anyone based on the word of the French, this war seems just. A madman who is killing his own people is a moniker that could be applied to plenty of countries and people rightfully point out that we are pretty selective about those we choose to attack. Fair point. I can only say one less genocidal maniac in the world really isn't really any kind of loss. I mean, sure; 'Odyssey Dawn ' sounds like the name of a ship that only does all gay cruises, but nothing is perfect. I think we would all like something menacing like "Operation Overlord" or "Operation Kill Khadaffy", but it's still a bit better than "Operation Iraqi Freedom".
I'm looking forward to the day where i can live in a world without Kahdaffy. Yes, there are other dictators. Yes, there are plenty of reasons NOT to go after this guy. Thats obvious. My point is simply- "Why SHOULDN'T we give the people of Libya a chance to control their own destiny without this mass murderer running the show?" Sometimes even if its for all the wrong reasons at the end of the day the right thing to do is still the right thing to do.
Sadly our last 2 Wars of Intervention haven't worked out well, but this is much different. The people of Libya are actively fighting to overthrow a tyrant. This was NOT the case in Iraq of Afghanistan. In those wars, as misguided as they may have been, the people were complacent. They weren't really struggling to throw off the yoke of oppression. We handed them Liberty and they were ambivalent. Maybe because we came in and removed a problem without them having to do much. The Libyan rebels are laying down their lives in hopes of Liberty. Early on it was a longshot and many were killed yet they fought on. These people seem much more likely to savor the sweet taste of freedom. God knows the people of the former Yugoslavia have shown gratitude. This is a similar situation.